Terms & Conditions

  1. 25% paymentat the time of booking, 50% payment should be made 7 days before the event and balance 25% should be paid 2 days before the event.
  2. All Cheques shoudl be drawn in favour of SHIVAY HOSPITALITY.
  3. Menu should be finalised minimum 15 days prior to the event. To serve you better, it is suggested not to change the menu past this date. Changes in menu may change the effective rates.
  4. Minimum number of guest/plates has to be guaranteed.
  5. Rate per plate (excluding cost of transport, stall, beverages, bar handing, applicable taxes plus 5% service charge).
  6. Reducing the minimum guarantee aftr booking will increase the rate per plate.
  7. Management keeps a reasonable 10% margin for extra guests beyond the minimum number of plates agreen upon. However the management cannot be held responsible for adequate provisioning of food if the attendance turns greater than 10%.
  8. Payment will be charged accordingly for the minumum number of plates guaranteed or actual number of plates used, whichever is higher.
  9. All taxes as applicable will be charged extra.
  10. The food is prepared on order specifically for the number of the guests confirmed by the client. no rebate or refund will be given if less number of guests attend the event.
  11. Advance is not refunded in any condition. Cancellation 10 days before event date. 50% of the total booking deducted. Cancellation 2 days before event date 75% of the total booking deducted. No refund after that.
  12. The management will not be responsible for any loss of guest belongings.
  13. As per notification from income tax and billing above Rs 25000 per function the client/company has to provide their PAN.
  14. Force Majeure clauses applicable.
  15. In case of any dispute matter will be settled under Delhi Jurisdiction.